FP Real Estate – The FairPlay real estate agency! We've been estabilished in march of 2020, with the aim of sincerely helping our clients leasing and selling their real estate with our high level knowledge and experience in the field.  

Our clients are mostly real estate owners, who'd like to lease or to sell their estates - flat, detached house, office or shop - and are looking for a thrustworthy real estate agent whose they can count on any time.  

Our goal is not to find a renter or buyer, but to find the ideal person, so both sides can make a benefitial businness. For us the most important is to make our clients satisfied, and in our opinion it can be reached only with a fair attitude and enthusiastic work.

This is why we chose our motto: The FairPlay real estate agency!

We offer you an all-inclusive service during the process from registration through display till writing the contracts.

Thanks to our good personal relationship which we develpoed through the years, we work with thrustworthy people specialised in the areas of notarial certification, valuation, energy-proof and credit counseling. Nonetheles we keep further monitoring of the real estate.

We are not a firm, but professional real estate agents, whose have personal relationship with the owners and clients, so we can get to know them better in order to help them more targeted.

Bettina Benkovics

Professional Real Estate Agent

Orsolya Szálas

Professional Real Estate Agent